Audioease Altiverb Adds AAX Support

If you’ve read any interviews from big name engineers, odds are you’ve heard the name Altiverb show up in almost all of them, and now that powerful space modeling plugin has made it to the realm of Pro Tools 11. The upgrade is free for current users and seamlessly replaces your old version.

– Altiverb 7.1 is a Mac only plug-in, available in 64 bit and 32 bit as AAX Native, VST, MAS and Audio Unit.
– Like Pro Tools 11, Altiverb 7.1 now requires an iLok 2 USB key. An Altiverb 7.1 license cannot be stored on an iLok 1 USB key. In case you do not have an iLok 2 USB key we offer it to registered Altiverb customers at the greatly reduced price of: $35 USD including world wide shipping (normal price is $49 USD excluding shipping). You can use the iLok License Manager app to transfer the license from your iLok 1 to your new iLok 2 key.
– You should not upgrade to Altiverb 7.1 in case you rely on the RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools 10 or below. Altiverb 7.1 requires Pro Tools 11.0.2 or higher.
– Digital Performer 7 is not supported, Digital Performer 8 is.
– Altiverb 7.1 for Windows version has been co-developed with this Mac Altiverb 7.1 release. It is still under development but it is far progressed. We expect to have more news about it soon.
– For an IR production we are looking for a ghost village. Any terrain with more than 10 buildings where we can make a load of noise in the middle of the night without being arrested or shot at. We prefer places within 700 km from the Netherlands. If you have suggestions please email arjen at

Free Altiverb 7.1 update for Mac adds AAX Native and retina display support
If you are an Altiverb 7 user your free update to Altiverb 7.1 released today. This update features the all new AAX 64 bit plug-in for Pro Tools 11 and upgraded graphics for retina displays. Altiverb 7.1 smoothly replaces all Altiverb instances in your existing sessions.
You can download your Altiverb 7.1 today from: