12 Gauge Microphones

BEST… MICS…. EVER… Look at this… a Mic in an ACTUAL 12 gauge shell and judging by the Sound Cloud samples, they’ve got the sound to back it. What better way to impress the artists coming in to track by slapping a couple of these on the overheads of drums or on an acoustic guitar. Whatever you do, don’t try to shoot these things. A mic AMPLIFIES things and a 12 Gauge is 170dB so that would sound like the devil farting if you shot one of these.
But seriously, I will be buying some of these and giving a review very soon

The RED12 Microphone is perfect for drum overheads and acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, and violin. The custom assembly achieves the dependable performance you need inside a compact, aesthetically pleasing shell that is as unique as it is bad ass.
These omni microphones are built into an actual spent 12-gauge shotgun shell casing!

Here’s another reason to get 4 or 5 of them. They’re $40 with shipping. To buy this RIGHT NOW, click HERE
Not convinced? Here’s a clip.

RED12 Omni Condenser Sample by 12gaugemicrophones