CAD 10th Anniversary GXL Series

I’ve got a soft spot for CAD mics due to the fact that my first Mic was a handheld CAD Condenser mic which I used on everything because… well… it was my only mic. That and my dad’s Alesis ADAT and Mackie 1604 VLZ. Ahh the nostalgic days of one takes and bouncing tracks. I’m sure that mic is around my parents house somewhere along with those horribly produced mushy songs about girls I wrote. If you happened to be one of those females I wrote one of the songs about, my aplologies, I was a very emotional young guy.
Well now CAD is celebrating their 10th anniversary of launching the GXL series. This mic series is probably more versatile than the one I used and definitely looks better. They claim these mics are rugged enough to use in live environments as well, which gives this mic an edge over most mics made just for studio applications. CAD is also offering a microphone package.
That’s not all cad has done. They’ve also released the MH110 Headphones as well.

Compact and road-rugged, the new GXL1200BP condenser is characterized by its open, transparent sound. The mic’s transformerless design reduces distortion and optimizes low-end response, while a uniform cardioid pattern controls feedback. The GXL1200BP’s small size, accuracy and high SPL capability make it ideal for miking overheads, hi-hats, cymbals and stringed instruments.
Offering exceptional performance for price, the GXL2200BP is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that features a sophisticated 1″ gold vapor deposited diaphragm. Exceptional sensitivity and low distortion make it an outstanding performer in critical live and recording applications.
The GXL3000BP features a precision-engineered 1″ gold vapor deposited multi-pattern (Cardioid-Omni-Figure of Eight) dual diaphragm capsule for maximum versatility. Its high sensitivity and low distortion make it an outstanding performer in a wide range of recording and live sound reinforcement settings.
As with all GXLBP mics, a shock mount or mic clip, vinyl pouch and polishing cloth are included.
CAD is also introducing the new MH110 circumaural, precision built monitor headphones. The MH110 is equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers offering extended frequency response for exceptional monitoring detail and clarity. Designed with an easy-fold, comfort-fit headband allowing for convenient storage and hours of fatigue free listening, the MH110 is an essential tool for enhanced studio performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician.
Developed to be an all-in-one home studio miking solution, CAD Audio also offers the GXL2200BP Studio Pack, which includes the GXL2200BP and GXL1200BP mics, the new CAD MH110 studio headphones and EPF15A pop filter.
For maximum studio flexibility, the GXL3000BP Studio Pack consists of the GXL3000BP multi-pattern and GXL1200BP mics, MH110 studio headphones and EPF15A pop filter.

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