Bias PitchCraft: Get It While It's HOT

Can’t afford AutoTune or Melodyne? Well Bias is offering its new pitch correction software for only $20.00 for a limited time. So basically if you’re reading this too late, let this be a lesson to keep up with EverythingRecording daily… or whenever I feel like posting. If this is your first time browsing, Welcome!
Bias PitchCraft is a pitch correction software that uses high quality coding to correct pitch problems without morphing the formants to the point where you sound like a stupid Will I Am song. Sheesh that guy abuses software.

PitchCraft corrects pitch problems in vocal or instrumental recordings, using its high-quality algorithm, while formant correction retains a voice’s natural sound.
PitchCraft can also be used as a sound design tool — for effects such as voice disguise, changing an adult’s voice into a child’s voice, “gender transformation” and a wealth of other creative possibilities. PitchCraft also can be used for “exaggerated” vocal correction effects, made famous by many of today’s leading artists.


  • Reference Source Menu- Choose whether the reference source being fed into PitchCraft is a single (left or right) channel of a stereo file, or both channels simultaneously
  • Pitch Range Menu– Select the desired pitch range to use in the pitch correction/transposition process
  • A/B/C/D “Snapshots”– Use up to four temporary memory “snapshots” for quickly comparing different settings
  • Tuning History Graph– Visually monitor the pitch correction & transposition process over time. The Tuning History graph shows the input and output pitch, displayed either in notes or frequency
  • Pitch Transposition Slider– Allows raising or lowering the pitch value in cents, while maintaining the original formant structure (i.e., the “timbre” or “tonal color” of the voice.
  • Formant Transposition Slider– Adjust the formant value, or “cavity size” of the source to help to maintain natural sounding pitch change effects. This control can also be used to transform a vocal from one gender or age to the next, or create other special effects.
  • Pitch Correction Tuning Menu– Choose the desired type of tuning to be used in the pitch correction process.
  • Pitch Correction Scale Menu– Set the desired scale to be used in the pitch correction process. Select from common scale types to more exotic ones or create and save your own custom scales.
  • Pitch Correction Key Menu– Choose the root note of the scale selected in the Scale pop-up menu.
  • Pitch Correction Time Slider– Adjust the speed at which pitch correction is applied — for small corrections, generally a slower correction time works best while a faster time may be used for more exaggerated pitch correction effects such as those used by many popular artists.
  • Pitch Correction Detune Slider– Allows setting the reference frequency used for tuning (i.e., from 440 Hz to 445 Hz
  • Pitch Correction Custom Scale Controls- Define custom scales using the keyboard, a MIDI keyboard, and the Ignore Note checkboxes.
  • Tuning Meter– Displays the current amount of tuning in real-time

Introductory price: $20.00
Price after introductory offer: $149.00
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