Cascade: Active Passive Fat Head 2

Introducing the first active ribbon mic! Cascade is world renown in many home and professional studios for it’s award winning Fat Head ribbon mic, and now they’ve stepped it up a notch with the Fat Head 2 Active / Passive. No more worrying about the what if’s of phantom power with your ribbon mics. You also get alot more gain, making those higher dB ribbon pres a thing of the past. These ALSO come stock with Lundahl transformers.

Phantom-powered Active electronics provide stable impedance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers
Passive mode provides the option for use with a high-gain preamp (where extra gain is not needed)
Smooth, warm and natural voicing for instrument reproduction High-SPL capability and extended frequency response
High sensitivity and low self-noise
This microphone is perfect for use on a wide range of instruments (guitar cabs, vocals, strings, horns drum overheads, orchestras and more) and live-stage settings.
Active or Passive mode is activated by a simple flick-of-a-switch Active electronics are designed, manufactured and fitted in the USA
Versatility, compatibility with the widest range of mic preamps, we have also made the active gain stage internally switchable, so that you can bypass the active gain stage, using a high quality switch with gold contacts.
Stock with a Lundahl LL2913 transformer
ACTIVE/PASSIVE switch is mounted internally for safety (caution should be used when engaging the Active switch, an additional 25db of gain will be added to the signal path)
Each Includes:
Active/Passive ribbon microphone
Heavy Duty Aluminum case
Padded storage pouch
Premium suspension mount
Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
Drawcord cloth storage pouch
Your choice of Silver Body/Nickel Grill or Black Body/Nickel Grill

And right now you can get one Fat Head 2 Active Passive at a great introductory price of $599.00 AND get a free pop filter.
Buy two for $1198.00 and get a free Blumlein bar.
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