Electro-Voice RE-320

Alright folks, I’m back. And to kick off my return, I’m going to show you the possible next addition to the studio. The RE-320 is based off of a drummer’s staple, the RE-20. This mic is also a workhorse in the broadcast industry, most of the crap you hear today’s DJs spew across the airwaves probably was vomited into an RE-20. So if it can withstand that type of abuse, it can pretty much handle anything. The thing that makes this mic different is that it has a switch that they’ve basically put on the mic to adjust the EQ curve to accommodate a vast array of acoustic instruments and voice.
Up until now I’ve just banked on getting MD421’s but I think I might buy a few of these instead for kick and toms. Plus its cheaper too

The RE320 is a professional quality dynamic microphone designed specifically for recording and sound reinforcement applications requiring extremely low noise and the highest level of predictable tonal and transient response. Ideal for capturing vocal and instrument sources, the RE320 delivers unparalleled detail, dynamic content, and natural tone.
Variable D® is Electro-Voice’s exclusive solution to the tonal changes associated with the proximity effect found in other directional microphones. Providing balanced and uniform frequency response up to 180° off-axis, the result is always stable and linear tonal performance — even when the sound source is moving around the mic. Ideal for capturing the critical details of voice, amplified, and acoustic instruments, Variable-D® capsules deliver impeccably smooth and natural tone on virtually any sound source.
Utilizing the same humbucking coil technology found in the RE20 and RE27N/D to arrest electro magnetic field interference introduced by sources close “to the microphone”, the RE320 produces an ultra-quiet signal path free from the hum and buzz found in other dynamic microphones.
The RE320 incorporates a two-position “Dual Personality” frequency response switch which allows engagement of two vastly different performance curves.

Maybe they should get ol’ crazy Golden Voice to endorse this bad boy once he gets out of rehab.
MSRP: $499.95 with an estimated street price of $299.00 USD.
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