IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange

Who doesn’t want an Orange Amp in their arsenal. I’ve had an AD30, Tiny Terror, and Dark Terror and every one of them sound incredible. IK Multimedia has graciously modeled the amps and given you the power of these amazing British amps in your Laptop or DAW. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have to money or real estate to house 17 pieces of Orange gear. Now you can!

IK Multimedia, the industry leader in guitar/bass amp-and-FX modeling software — is proud to announce the AmpliTube Orange, a complete set of 17 officially certified models of Orange amps and cabinets for AmpliTube 3 (standalone/plug-in). First introduced during London’s “swinging ‘60s” era, Orange amps are renowned for their warm and luscious tube tone and characteristic crunch. IK is the only company to offer models with Orange’s official certification, and every guitarist, engineer and producer will want to own this definitive collection.
The Lineup
AmpliTube Orange features models of 7 amp heads, 9 cabinets, and 1 combo, and offers a wide variety of authentic tube tone, great for screaming leads, fat power chords, chunky rhythm parts, smooth bass lines, and much more. No matter what the genre, users will find plenty of killer amp tones in this collection to go with their music.
Amps include the Tiny Terror, a 15 W head with a two-stage preamp (IK modeled the point-to-point, hard-wired edition); the Dual Terror, which can emulate the Tiny Terror or switch to the ultra-crunchy “Fat Channel”; the OR 50 and OR 120 heads, which each have the unique HF Drive control for increased presence and gain; the powerful Thunderbird 200 head, which can be used for either guitar or bass; and the versatile Rockerverb 50 MKII. The AD-30TC is a 30 W, Class A combo amp.
The cabinets can be mixed and matched with the amp heads — or any other amp in a user’s AmpliTube 3 collection — to create a huge range of cool custom sounds. The cabinets cover a wide range of configurations, and include models of the 1×12 PPC112; the 2×12 PPC212 Open-Back, PPC212, and AD30TC; the 4×12 PPC412; the 4×10 OBC410, the 8×10 OBC810; and the 1×15 OBC115.

Who wants to watch a video?

AmpliTube Orange is available now for the price of $99.99/€79.99 (excluding taxes), as a digital serial-number delivery that can be purchased inside the AmpliTube Custom Shop or from the IK Online Store. All the gear in the collection is also available individually in the Custom Shop.
For more information,  please visit: www.amplitube.com/orange