Kush Audio AAX Friday

Not only is today the 4th of July and that is great and all but just as important, Kush audio has released some betas for Clariphonic DSP and Pusher! Finally we can celebrate our independence from a bunch of mediocre AAX plugins with the arrival of these instant hits. As a bonus, for a limited time, they are offering the plugins for the no brainer price of just $99 each.

This Friday, July 4, Kush will be releasing very stable, well-tested AAX public beta’s for both the Clariphonic DSP and Pusher!
In truth, if we were Microsoft or Apple we’d release these as Final candidates, we’ve fixed all the bugs we were able to find. But our Pro Tools beta team is small and I’m paranoid, so we’re taking the cautious route.
These beta’s will run on the regular iLok license, so they’ll never expire and you’ll be able to use them until the final versions drop.
We take our time, but we do always get there in the end. Thanks for your incredible support!

For more information and to download the public betas, visit http://www.thehouseofkush.com/