Maschine Update: 1.8

Once again, the guys at Native Instruments have updated one of my favorite rhythm sequencing programs. They even have new controllers coming out that feature something I’ve wanted since I bought it, color changing buttons. Now you can make your snares blue, your hats red, and your kicks pink (you know, because a good kick drum gets ladies). The new update even comes with Massive, Native instruments flagship synth program AND the Transient Master.

The free MASCHINE 1.8 update is now available. Workflow enhancements and new effects like TRANSIENT MASTER and time stretch add new flexibility to your MASCHINE projects. And starting with MASCHINE 1.8, all MASCHINE owners also get the legendary MASSIVE for free*, adding powerful synthesis to the premier groove production studio.
The MASCHINE 1.8 update is compatible with all versions of MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO, not only the new MK2 hardware. Open the Native Instruments Service Center now to download and install your free update.

For more info, and to buy Maschine or preorder the new controller, click HERE.