McDSP Reason Rack Extensions

Fear not Reason users! Colin McDowell has not forgotten about you and has ported over several new Rack Extensions for the Reason store. They range from classic emulations to modern versions of EQs from their Ultimate EQ series. Let’s hope to see their flagship Filter-bank. You can get the bundle for 119$ or each for 49$. Not a bad deal for one of the top plugin manufactures.

McDSP is proud to announce the release of three new equalizers for Reason Rack Extensions. Choose from three uniquely and meticulously hand-crafted equalizers to add that warmth and presence that your music has been waiting for. Offered at just $49 a piece, there is the E670, Moo Q, and FRG-EEE, or purchase them all for just $119, in the Equalizer Collection bundle.
The E670 Rack Extension plug-in is a three-band equalizer with a flexible design and vintage tone. An excellent companion product to the C670 compressor.
The E670, like the C670 compressor, is ideal for master buss tracks and instrument groups. Gentle equalization curves impart just the right amount of tone tweak. Vintage output staging colors tracks nicely, without muddying up your mix. Real-time control smoothing gives it an analog gear feel. And it sounds awesome.
The E670. E is for awesome.
Moo Q
The Moo Q Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based equalizers. The Moo Q goes with audio tracks like milk goes with cookies. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Q equalizer.
Fatten up your tracks with the Moo Q Rack Extension equalizer plug-in. The Moo Q smooth equalization curves will bring out the sonic subtleties you’re looking for in a moo-sical three-band configuration. Bring on the bass. Milk the mid-range. Shine up that top end. And there’s no cow tipping here – you can’t make the Moo Q sound bad, because it’s that good.
The Moo Q equalizer. Milk your tracks for all they’re worth. Cookies not included.
The FRG-EEE Rack Extension plug-in is a modern four-band equalizer consisting of low and high shelving EQ wrapped around two parametric bands.
The FRG-EEE equalizer (aka ‘froggy’) packs a punch at the low and high end using a shelving EQ technique we call frequency resonant gain (FRG). This approach gives the FRG-EEE a little extra near the selected shelving frequency for, well, a little extra. The two parametric bands have a reasonably tight (but musical) Q, and wide frequency ranges.
The FRG-EEE. Now it’s easy to be green.

Price: $49.00 a piece of $119.00 for the bundle
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