Native Instruments Maschine Updates

I woke up this morning and something felt different. Sure it could’ve been from the hot dogs we grilled on my old iBook (that thing is like a stylish George Foreman grill) but it felt like something was just a little better. And I was right, Maschine got an update today thus making this already great hardware / software combo even better. I actually just bought one of these and it came in Friday, Friday gonna get down on friiii… *SMACK Thanks for that, I’m not sure what happened. Did you not expect me to make a joke about the possible worst song of all time ON A RECORDING NEWS SITE?!!!!!
Yes that is actually a picture of my own machine in EverythingRecording HQ. I was dropping a fat track the other day which I might put on here. Its a joyful little diddy about math. It was a project for one of my very close friend’s college class and as hokey as it sounds, its not bad sounding at all. Anyways, Native Instruments, Update, Maschine… Go…

Berlin, March 28th, 2011 – Native Instruments today released MASCHINE 1.6, a major free update for its acclaimed groove production studio. With the addition of plug-in hosting for instruments and effects, the new version significantly expands the scope and functionality of the system. MASCHINE 1.6 also includes a free download of the new KOMPLETE ELEMENTS  bundle, and adds a multitude of other new features for studio production and live performance.
With added support for VST and AU plug-ins, MASCHINE 1.6 profoundly widens its creative possibilities, turning the system into a full-featured instrument host. Both the whole range of KOMPLETE INSTRUMENTS as well as all third-party instruments and effects can now be used directly in MASCHINE, complementing its integrated sampler and FX features. Due to an “Auto-Mapping” function, plug-in parameters are conveniently pre-assigned to the high-resolution knobs on the MASCHINE controller, allowing for intuitive sound tweaking directly from the hardware.
To give producers an even more comprehensive sound arsenal on top of the sample-based factory library of MASCHINE, the 1.6 update also includes a free download of the new KOMPLETE ELEMENTS instruments and effects collection. Based on the powerful engines of KONTAKT, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG, it contains over 1,000 production-ready sounds selected from the studio-standard KOMPLETE 7 bundle, including Abbey Road vintage drums, Vienna Symphonic Library orchestral sounds, an assortment of sampled band instruments, various REAKTOR-based synthesizers, a versatile assortment of amp emulations and effect pedals from GUITAR RIG and more.
Further enhancements in MASCHINE 1.6 include an increased number of effect slots, a new “Pad Link” feature, individual swing per sound, clip and sample renaming, expanded Drag & Drop functionality, support for up to 32 audio I/O channels, full Mac OS X 64bit support, and a wide range of detail optimizations.
The 1.6 update and the KOMPLETE ELEMENTS bundle are available as free download for all owners of MASCHINE.

Seriously, You need this Maschine. I’ve played with it for a few days and from what I’ve messed with it, I love it and I come from a non control surface sequencing background but this makes the transition to MPC style production very easy.
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