Orange O Edition Headphones

Orange has a history of rock solid, huge sounding amps, both bass and guitar. Now they have released the O Edition headphones. Unlike your oversaturated market of brightly colored headphones, Orange claims a neutral, flat response to allow you to listen to the music the way the band intended. We actually have a pair on the way so keep an eye out for a review.

Orange Amplification, using their nearly 50 years of audio expertise and experience have created the ‘O’ Edition Headphones. This set of on-ear cans has been designed to deliver superior audio performance and comfort, whilst capturing the very essence of Orange.
The 40mm drivers have been engineered for a tight and rhythmic bass response, rich mid-range and an articulate top end. A purposefully neutral EQ response makes for an open and revealing sound stage with detailed layers of separation. With natural noise isolation courtesy of cushioned closed-back earcups, the ‘O’ Edition headphones create a truly immersive sonic experience to suit all musical needs.
Much like Orange’s world-famous guitar and bass amplifiers, these headphones are constructed to the highest specifications, whilst the styling blends British elegance with a reassuring solidity. A subtle black-on-black Orange logo embossed across the padded headband and the iconic Orange Crest etched into the brushed stainless steel headband signify an unwavering commitment to quality.
Supplied with three 3.5mm cables, one with a remote control and integrated microphone and compatible with most smartphones, the headphones are easy to control and use whilst on the move.

Price: $218.00 (£149.00)
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