Plugin Alliance All Bundle 3.1 NEW PLUGINS

I’ve been seeing the Millennia logo on the Plugin Alliance page for a long time now and it’s great to finally see some plugins from some of the most boutique of boutique gear. Not only did they release Millennia plugins, Plugin Alliance dropped a huge bomb by releasing new additions from Maag and Vertigo.

The Plugin Alliance All Bundle provides a collection of processors worthy of any world-class recording studio.  By starting with flawless emulations of legendary studio processors from elysia, Vertigo, Maag and SPL, then adding in innovative tools from cutting edge plugin developers like Noveltech and Pro Audio DSP, and then tossing in every single plugin from Brainworx’s coveted and comprehensive product line, the All Bundle provides hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of audio goodness for one amazingly low price.

Vertigo VSM-3
Awesome Tone & Color with Mastering Quality
The brainworx developed, Vertigo VSM-3 delivers the beloved badass harmonic generators of Vertigo Sound’s acclaimed VSM-2 Mix Satellite in plugin form. Liberated from hardware, VSM-2’s saturation and distortion tools can now process as many tracks and busses as your CPU can handle — and master outputs, too, of course — making them more useful than ever for recording and mixing.

Maag Audio EQ2
Flawless Emulation of TEC Award Nominated EQ
The Mäag EQ4 is one of Plugin Alliance’s most popular plugins. International pros rely on its tremendous musicality to enhance their tracks.  Now Mäag has released their TEC Award nominated EQ2 in a plugin version, bringing that Air Band® magic to a lower price point and creating the perfect compliment to the EQ4.
While the Mäag EQ2 provides some of the same audio magic of its bigger brother, it also adds features which make it the perfect companion to the EQ4.  While the EQ4’s wide, musical control over 4 frequency bands make it the best EQ on the market for sweetening your tracks, the EQ2’s second band offers greater control over center frequencies and bandwidth selections, making it a great tool for fixing problems or creating more radical changes.

Millennia NSEQ-2
Mastering Grade EQ w/ Tube and J-FET Signal Paths
Revered for its startling realism and transparent musicality, the Millennia NSEQ-2 is a go-to parametric EQ for many of the world’s leading studios and mastering houses. Its unique Twin Topology design and pure Class A transformer-less circuitry offers a simplicity which yields a powerful, sonically neutral, analog EQ.
The plugin version of the Millennia NSEQ-2 is a faithful digital model of this remarkable piece of ultra high-end hardware, brought to you by the modeling experts of Brainworx.  This brings a state-of-the-art boutique EQ to your DAW.

Millennia TCL-2
Faithful emulation of this super clean, but sonically flexible, dynamics tool
The Millennia TCL-2 delivers the stellar, transparent sonics of the beloved Millennia Twincom in plugin form.  The original hardware Twincom features Millennia’s “Twin Topology” technology, which gives users the ability to select either a full tube, or full J-FET/solid-state signal path.  Both the complete tube and solid-state signal paths have been faithfully modeled in the plugin version.  In addition, the plugin version provides the ability to process Mid (M) and Side (S) information separately, as well as a Dry / Wet signal control for each individual channel.

Price: (Introductory) $2849 (then back to $7122(
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