pureMix 2.0 Launch

Good Morning Children! The site that makes learning fun has turned 2.0. pureMix has launched an all new sleek interface complete with fancy new buttons, and clothes to match the great training videos (including several Cooking with Fab tutorials that will get you in with the ladies). See, you not only learn about mixing and production, but also about life, love, and that the upright bass works for the devil. How can you resist? On top of pureMix offering free tutorials (link HERE), they’re also offering a sale of 40% off of a Pro Membership until April 10, 2016.

The Future Of Online Audio Education Is Here: pureMix v2.0
A top to bottom redesign of pureMix.net continues to bring the best pro level studio knowledge to the masses.
New York, NY​­ pureMix.net is proud to announce the official release of the radically redesigned pureMix v2.0 website. Founded in 2011, pureMix is where over 47,000 producers and engineers from around the world regularly come to learn and to refine their craft.
Over a year in the making, pureMix v2.0 is a faster, cleaner, easier to use and gorgeous new web interface that provides an entirely new user experience. pureMix.net is also now 100% mobile friendly so tablet and mobile users can enjoy the inspiration of pureMix.net anywhere they go.
The pureMix.net community is made up of engineers and producers ranging from students to professionals who are constantly engaging in learning new and different methods for recording and mixing. Puremix.net mentors are some of the biggest names in the music industry including Andrew Scheps, Fab Dupont, and John Paterno who share their knowledge in a clear and engaging manner.
pureMix v2.0 also sets the stage for an exciting year of updates, including more masterclasses (both in the US and Europe), HD video streaming, and mix critiques where users can have their work reviewed by pureMix mentors.
The p​ureMix.net​v2.0 site launches April 4th, 2016. To celebrate the launch there is a LIMITED TIME 40% off Spring Sale on pro memberships running until April 10th.
Selected pureMix.net Community Stats:

  • ●  2.5 million total tutorials viewed since 2011
  • ●  47,000+ registered users
  • ●  100,000+ visitors a month
  • ●  71,000+ followers on social media

For more information and to take advantage of the sale, visit http://www.puremix.net