Plugin Alliance: BX – ACME – SPL

Plugin Alliance keeps cranking out the hits with 3 new plugins. The bx Panoramic EQ, the Acme Opticom XLA-3, and the SPL EQ Ranger Plus.

Panoramic EQ:

– Three parametric bell-curve filters—each featuring a gain, frequency, Q and pan control—independently boost or cut EQ at discrete pan positions in the stereo field
– In addition to providing the standard EQ parameters of Frequency and Bandwidth, you can select what portion of the stereo field you wish to cut or boost
– Allows unprecedented ability to “re-mix” stereo material
Acme Opticom XLA-3:
– Unique optoelectric circuit that combines the best characteristics of three separate compression curves into a single unit – from clean to dirty
– Smooth and seamless ‘LA-2A’ sound with the additional benefits of even-harmonic distortion when needed
– Doubles as a “tone box” adding color and distortion without reducing dynamics if desired
EQ Rangers Plus:
– A virtual rack with 181 EQ modules with frequency and bandwidth settings custom designed for specific genres and sources by Grammy award winning mixer Craig Bauer and Brainworx Founder Dirk Ulrich
– UPGRADE INFO: If you already own SPL EQ Rangers Vol. 1, you can upgrade to SPL EQ Ranger Plus for only $49. Upgrade is available through the “Manage Registered Plugins” page of your account.
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