Rumor Mill: Black Lion Audio Brewin' Somethin'

Well this really isn’t as much a rumor. Its more of a hint of things to come very soon. Black Lion Audio is one of those companies that if you mention around the hard core gear-heads, their ears perk up and they instantly respect you and ask you to come to their birthday party. So basically these guys know their stuff and are HIGHLY respected among the elite.
On a side note, they can take a 002 or 003 rack version and put it on steroids with new converters and a pre amp overhaul. I tried to tempt them with beer and money to overhaul my 003 Factory but they said the console versions are knuckle busters and you know what, I believe them. The 003 Console is one of the oldest Digidesign pieces and is very finicky and I don’t think you could pay me to bust it’s guts open.
So basically why I’m writing this is to make you aware of Black Lion Audio and to tell you they have some great things in the works: The BLA Sparrow MkII. This is their new A/D and it packs quite a bevy of features
Here’s the scoop Black Lion’s very own J.D. let me know:

The new A/D is going to be a 2 channel half-rack space 1U high unit. It will have AES, S/PDIF and Optical outputs. There are going to be three different models available. They will have the same features, but sonically they will be different

They’re actually now taking preorders for these but you better act fast.
Keep your eyes peeled on this one. Looks like I know what might be replacing the A/D in my 003. Its really been acting up lately and needs to be put in it’s place… a garbage can.
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