AnalogFactory SubBoomKicks

No no no not the same as the Analog Factory from the company on the review below but it almost fooled me. This is a sample pack of those massively low kick drum samples for just about any genre, with the exception of that tricky alternative polka genre. Those guys are hard to please with their leiderhosen or however you spell it and their silly hats.

Subbooom Kicks is a sample library full of those really deep sounding kicks you always have been looking for. Clean subs, distorded, detuned, short ones, long ones and some with special effects – from 70Hz to 13Hz. 110 Kicks mapped for NI Kontakt 4, NI Battery 3, Logic EXS24 and Studio One Impact.

All samples of this library have been sampled in 24bit/44.1khz, mono and are “unlocked” and editable in .wav format! This also means that you can map them in a sampler of your choice or simply use them as normal .wav file in any DAW of your choice. This gives and grants you a maximum of flexibility to use this samples in the context you need them.
Just listen to the demos HERE to get a first impression of Subbooom Kicks and get ready to rumble!
Price: $10.00 for a limited time. Then it goes to $12.99