Toontrack N.Y. Vol 2 Presets Charles Feelgood

What happens when a great house producer mangles a drum library beyond all recognition? Insert cliche newswriting packaged answer with a little humor yourself and then look at this new Producer Presets SDX from Toontrack.

When we heard how electro producer, DJ and remixer Charles Feelgood (Diddy, Lady Gaga, Ashlee Simpson, Billie Holiday) had tweaked the New York Studios Vol. 2 SDX™ for Superior Drummer 2.0® to almost beyond recognition in his ingenious productions, we had no option but to have him design a unique set of presets so he could share his incomparable brand of electro, house and disco with the world.
Charles’ presets will introduce a whole new level to what is possible with the sounds and tools in Superior Drummer 2.0 and prove that the sky is literally the limit.

The SDX is $15 and is available HERE