Spectrasonics Bob MOOG Tribute Library

Spectrasonics pretty much rules the world of synth apps and now they’ve become a superpower by emulating one of the greatest analog synth designers in the business, THE Bob Moog. This expansion pack for is for Omnisphere and featuresa 2.4 Gig library.

Produced by Eric Persing, the new Bob Moog Tribute library consists of over 700 sounds for Omnisphere – created by 40 of the world’s top artists and sound designers. The new soundsources were developed using highly creative processing techniques with exotic gear like rare Buchla Modulars, the EMS Synthi AKS, Hans Zimmer’s massive Modular Moog and the OMG-1 itself. With so many different world-class artists contributing, the library is very rich in style and filled with inspiring, cutting edge sounds.

There is even a contest going where you can win one of Eric Persing’s new supersynth, The OMG-1.
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