Softube Console 1 Update

Softube has quite a gem on its hands with Console 1. This is a hardware counterpart to Softube’s renditions of popular concoles, giving you a physical unit to interact with. An update has been released that will make Console 1 even more popular.
LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: Swedish high-end software developer Softube is proud to announce summer 2015 availability of another free update for Console 1 — adding several new fanciful features to its next-generation software/hardware hybrid mixer — following a successful showcase at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany…
As a unique centerpiece for the DAW-based studio setup, Softube’s award-winning Windows- and Mac-compatible Console 1 next-generation software/hardware hybrid mixer succeeded in taking the production world by storm. Since its February 2014 release, the hardware part of the system has let users speedily switch between tracks and use physical knobs and buttons to control SHAPE, EQUALIZER, and COMPRESSOR parameters, plus much more besides, while the accompanying namesake software comes complete with Softube’s superlative model — including harmonics, distortion, and non-linearities — of the still-sought-after Solid State Logic SL 4000 E, one of the most legendary and widely-used analog consoles in the world. What’s not to like here? However, Softube surely cannot be accused of resting on its laurels, delivering dynamic advances and additions at each and every Console 1 upgrade stage. For example, a far-reaching feature update in November 2014 coincided with an all-new (AAX-, AudioUnits-, VST-, and VST3-compatible) Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1 channel strip, available as an optional purchase, and also including an amazing- sounding model of Solid State Logic’s lauded VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) circuit — perfect for those seeking solid, deep low end and extended highs for achieving that hyper-modern, massive, and spacious sound, thanks to its famed extreme bandwidth, minimal phase shift, and super-low distortion attributes also modeled to perfection by Softube. Moreover, more Console 1 channel strips will be released in future.

For now, though, the time has come for another must-have Console 1 update, so why not have it? Indeed, one of the most requested new features for Console 1 since its initial release has been to have an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency analyzer as part of the Equalizer software section. So there you have it… now it’s included for all to see (and hear).

Elsewhere, two new view options additionally added as part of this latest Console 1 update should also appeal. These allow users to set the On-Screen Display — Console 1’s mixer window — in a minimal mode (whereby only the meter bridge with the track names is shown) and a super-minimal mode (which also only shows the meter bridge, albeit slimmer still). See only what you want to see to help hear what you want to hear when working with Console 1, in other words.
With all this talk of outstanding visual feedback from an onscreen perspective, please remember that it is still possible to turn off the On-Screen Display and use your ears for an even more authentic analog-like mixing experience — especially since an abundance of visual feedback from the Console 1 hardware itself is always available, like LED rings showing the knobs’ positions, plus meters displaying input and output levels (as well as gate and compressor gain reduction). Same as it ever was. But better.
Better download the next version of Softube’s plug-in installer in summer 2015, then, to access those new and improved features for Console 1 — neither a DAW nor a plug-in controller, but rather a separate hybrid hardware/software mixer that works in tandem with whichever DAW its user chooses to work with while offering a new and much-improved approach to mixing in a computer. Come join the next-generation of mix engineers and producers using the next-generation mixer!
Download the latest version of Softube’s plug-in installer (including the latest Console 1 features) in summer 2015 for free from here:
Console 1 is available to purchase for $1,149.00 USD (excluding VAT) through Softube’s global network of authorized dealers and distributors (
The SSL XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1 channel strip is available to purchase for $329.00 USD (excluding VAT) through Softube’s global network of authorized dealers and distributors ( or online directly from Softube from here:
For more in-depth information about Console 1, including informative videos for further insight into its background and workflow, please visit Softube’s dedicated webpage here: