Tone2 Nemesis Arpmania Expasion

Is it me, or is the sub genres of EDM getting a little out of hand. Leave one out and they get all butt hurt. And you don’t want the electronic community mad at you. Imagine an army of strangely dressed people, some with huge plastic rodent helmets on, falling over like high school mascots. Well whatever your genre or headgear, Tone2 has you covered with their groundbreaking new FM Synth, Nemesis; but that’s not all. They’ve offered all the arpeggios your heart can handle with the new soundest for Nemesis. It even includes new skins for Nemesis.

Add movement and depth to your track with the Arpmania expansion for Nemesis. Expand your sound collection
with a set of diverse & vibrant sounds built to cut through the mix and enhance your track.
Featuring evolving arpeggios, rhythmic gates, pulsating bass lines and tight groove sequences, Arpmania offers an
inspiring range of sounds, all running in perfect sync to the tempo of your track.
The Arpmania expansion comes with a set of 100 new arpeggiator patterns you can import into Nemesis, use them
to create your own sounds or to edit existing presets. 3 fresh new skins for Nemesis are also included.
* 200 presets by professional sounddesigners
* 100 additional arpeggiator patterns
* Customize Nemesis with 3 additional skins (Black, Silver and Red)
* Unique sound by using the innovative neoFM synthesis
* Comfortable installation & integration into the user interface
* All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range
and highest possible sound quality.
Perfect for many genres, such as Dubstep, Trance, Dance, Pop, Drum and Bass, Complextro, Dirty Dutch, IDM,
Progressive, Techno, Electronic, House, HipHop and a wide variety of other music genres.

For more info please visit the Arpmania product page:
Price: $59.00