Tone2 Releases Saurus Analog

Tone2 has quickly started offering new sound sets for their stellar synth Saurus. This package focuses on more vintage analog sounds. And even some of my sources hint that there will be a modern soundset coming sometime in the future as well. This package however gives us alot of the “days of yore” synth emulations like the Jupiter and Moog.

Taking you on a journey through an analog world, the Analog soundset digs deeper into Saurus’
offerings with a strong emphasis on authentic vintage sounds.
A collection of 200 classic synth sounds including emulations of the Moog, Oberheim, Jupiter,
Arp Solina, Clavinet and many others that suit almost every style of Electronic music.
Let Analog take you back to a time when these machines were at the center of every studio and
now be the source for your creative productions
Enjoy its warm strings, expressive brass, dirty leads, squelchy basses, screaming synths, vibrant
pads and just let it inspire you.

I have already reviewed Saurus (HERE) AND there is a contest to see who can make the best track with Saurus presets.
Price for soundset: $49.00
For more info, click HERE