U-he Satin is Here!

Lets be honest, we’re all fans of tape. If we could afford it and it were more convenient, we’d all have Studer machines in our houses. Unfortunately, that is not the case and U-he, have seen this as well as realized that there are more options than just tape saturation and have made an all-in-one tape emulation / effect plugin. Satin, is your one stop shop for vintage goodness. Ever heard of a tape reverb? Well you have now. This plugin is made for the experimental but I’m positive you can use it subtly to get that warm rounded sound. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. And in other awesome AAX related news, U-he has announced they are feverishly working on AAX compatibility. Finally my uhbiks will work in Pro Tools. I can’t live without them.

Announced at Musikmesse 2013, we have released our universal tape machine plug-in SATIN, as VST2 / VST3 (PC and Mac) and AU (Mac only), in 32-bit and 64-bit flavours. Satin emulates a wide variety of machines from the long history of magnetic tape recording by allowing precise control over the bias and tape head parameters, as well as tape equalisation curves and noise reduction algorithms – separately for recording and playback.
Satin includes two alternative modes aimed at the more experimentally-minded music producer: classic stereo band echo (4 heads / taps) or triggered, Hendrix-style psychedelic tape flanging.
Opening the ‘Studio’ folder In Satin’s browser reveals a wide range of practical tape saturation presets, several of which emulate famous tape machines of the past. The collection is rounded off by a bunch of colourful flanges and delays, which even include a ‘tape reverb’.

The introductory price of Satin is $89 USD (+ VAT in EU) until October 7th 2013, then $129 USD.
For more info, visit http://www.u-he.com/cms/satin