Waves Kramer MPX Master Tape

MORE Analog emulation. Waves have decided to tackle the daunting task of recreating another piece of analog gear. This time we’re looking at a very rare machine made out of an Ampex 350 transport with 351 electronics. This is similar to Magnetic, but offers extra effects like wow, flutter, and delay.
Wait… so you’re saying I can use this program to add wow and flutter THEN use Capstan to take the flutter out of a track. Studio owners, take note… This could add a few extra hours to the bill for the artist for “unexpected issues.” It’s like they say, “The customer is always a moron right.”

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, the MPX Master Tape plugin is modeled on a rare machine consisting of an Ampex 350 transport and 351 electronics. With adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow & flutter, and noise parameters, the MPX provides comprehensive control over the contours of your sound. And to top it off, we’ve added a flexible slap & feedback delay, ideal for rock, dance, dub, you name it. For recording, mixing, mastering, and more, bring the richness and warmth of real tape saturation to your DAW with the MPX Master Tape. It’s the reel deal.

  • SPEED selects the simulated tape speed.
  • MONITOR selects the monitoring mode.
  • BIAS controls the level of the ultrasonic bias signal.
  • VU METER displays input or output level.
  • VU CALIBRATION controls the VU meter headroom calibration.
  • DELAY TIME controls the time of the tape delay effect, with settings for 7.5 ips (266 milliseconds) and 15 ips (133 ms).
  • DELAY TYPE toggles between delay modes.
  • FEEDBACK controls the amount of the delayed output signal.
  • LOWPASS controls the LP cutoff frequency on the delay path.
  • RECORD LEVEL controls the input level.
  • LINK I/O links Record and Playback Levels controls.
  • PLAYBACK LEVEL controls the total signal output level.
  • FLUX controls the level of simulated magnetic radiation emitted from the record head.
  • WOW & FLUTTER controls the speed and gain modulations and fluctuations.
  • NOISE controls the level of added modeled noise but not noise modulations and signal additive noise.
Introductory price on this bad boy is $99.00 for the native version but it will go back to $200.00 pretty soon.
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