Another victory for iPad owners who are too cheap to buy a Midi interface. This seems to be the same as V-Control that works for more DAWs, plus it can be used as a midi controller for different virtual instruments.

eyoControl lets you control your Mac or Windows based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software from your iPad in various ways, such as a control surface or a virtual instrument. eyoControl communicates with your DAW through the native iPad MIDI functionalities (CoreMIDI) or, optionally, the dedicated eyoControl Server application (Mac only) for advanced connectivity options. eyoControl supports most DAW software such as Logic, Cubaseā€¦

Logic, Cubase, and WHAT ELSE???? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME… Wait… that was gas. Uhhhh….gotarun!!
*Runs off stereotypically grabbing buttocks.
To buy this app, search eyoControl from the App Store. Its only $6.99. Just try it out