Reason 6: Pay What You Want

You wanna pay $1.00 for the new Reason 6? Who doesn’t? Let’s run through the checklist.
Do you own Reason Duo? (No)
Do you own an ignition key” (No)
Well if so, you are in luck. You can pay basically whatever you want for Reason 6! (Sonofa….)

Propellerhead Software today announced that for limited time owners of its flagship Record–Reason Duo product will be able to purchase the Reason 6 upgrade at whatever price they choose, starting at $1.00 / €1.00. An overview video can be found store, paying from €1.00/$1.00 to anything they choose.
Owners of Reason who do not own Record can purchase the boxed upgrade for €149/$169. After the promotion has ended, Duo users will be able to upgrade at the regular Reason 6 upgrade price. All details are here.

Reason 6 will be available for purchase on September 30, 2011 at the following suggested retail pricing:
Reason 6  EUR €405 /USD $449
Reason 6 Upgrade (from any Reason version and Reason Essentials)  EUR €149/ USD $169
Reason 6 Upgrade from Record-Reason Duo before October 31, 2011  Pay What You Want (starting at €1.00 / $1.00)