LinPlug: Relectro

How many crappy loops do you have laying around in the vast spaces of your sound library? The answer should be none, but we know that’s not the case… STOP HOARDING!!! Well actually, your squirreling away loops may work to your benefit because LinPlug just released Relectro, a program that will take those boring rhythm tracks you made in a drum circle at burning man and turn them into audio gold!

It’s no delay, no eq, no compressor, no filter, no pitch shifter, but it does all of that on a per wave cycle basis. Don’t try to grasp that intellectually, play it. Fire up some of the most boring, overused, outdated drums you have and Relectro them into something completely different. Don’t believe it, do it.

Well that about says it all there.
Price: $79US / 59 Euro
For more info,click HERE.