Melodyne Updates

Look guys! Everyone’s favorite in-studio friend has come back with more tricks! Technical Grammy award winning Celemony (in reality every vocalist should share their Grammy with them as well) has updated its critically acclaimed pitch and time editing software to Version 2.1 for Editor, Essentials, and Assistant. This update comes with a few performance enhancing features as well as some visual toys to make correcting self absorbed obliviously untalented a little more enjoyable.

In addition to Melodyne’s pitch correction, which is used and valued all over the world, Melodyne editor offers additional editing functions that make day-to-day music production simpler and inspire users to greater heights of creativity in their handling of audio. Released at the end of last year, Version 2 brought extended timing tools, comprehensive scale functions and – like the smaller editions – Rewire support. With Version 2.1, Celemony has now introduced further improvements from which all three editions benefit.
Version 2.1 brings workflow improvements, including a new zoom function and an intelligent compare function in ARA mode. Other improvements result in enhanced reliability and performance. These include the ability to reduce the maximum number of undo steps in order to reduce RAM consumption. A variety of bug fixes enhance both stability and compatibility: the program’s interaction, for example, with Cakewalk Sonar and Presonus Studio One. The update from Version 2.0 to Version 2.1 is free of charge and recommended to all users.
For more information, visit Melodyne’s site HERE. Make sure you log into the user area to get the correct update. Or just let Pro Tools update assistant do it for you!