Free Demo of UVI Electro Suite

UVI is at it again giving you an opportunity to demo their Electro Suite. This bundle features tools used to create your own EDM music.

UVI has released a Demo Version of their Electro Suite collection dedicated to Electro, EDM and Dance music.
The 5 instruments of Electro Suite – DrumShaper, DirtyMONO, CarminePoly, SweepMachine and MissionControl – come packed with nearly 4.5 GB of sample material carefully recorded from over 2 decades of choice equipment at 24-bit / 96 kHz and then professionally mastered. Giving you a huge palette of sounds ready to go straight away.
The Demo Version includes 2 tools in Electro Suite: DrumShaper and MissionControl. They can be auditioned with no iLok required.

To demo the free version, Click HERE.