iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay

Time is running out. Head on over to iZotope to get a limited time FREE version of their new Dynamic Delay, DDLY. This very easy-to-use interface will take the mundane out of your effects chain. Did I mention it’s free?

DDLY combines top-shelf analog and granular delay with a dynamic responsiveness to incoming audio, providing both conventional and unconventional effects on a variety of instruments. The plug-in is well-suited for drums, vocals, synths, guitars, and any other source with a strong range of dynamics and expressiveness. On a drum track, for example, users can add echo to only the harder attacks of the kick and snare. For vocals, musicians can exploit the full range of a vocal performance, with subtle delays on calmer verses and more intense delays during the big moments of a chorus.
“When we created DDLY, we wanted to provide a fresh, new delay-driven playground for musical creativity. Whether you’re feeling timid or adventurous, we strongly encourage experimentation,” comments iZotope Product Manager Matt Hines. “With DDLY, keep it clean, make it wild, or anything in the middle -whatever feels right for you.”
Key Features:
  • Two delays in one: DDLY analyzes audio based on an adjustable threshold to determine what to send to the top delay and what to send to the bottom delay. Adjust the Intensity to affect how strongly the signal is split between the two-great for a punchy delay on the harder, transient crack of a drum and a shuffling delay on the main beat elements.
  • Customize your delay: Both delays have two modes to choose from: Analog or Grain. Analog produces warm lo-fi delays with smearing and nostalgic degradation. Grain produces melodic, symphonic, and futuristic sounds for truly new soundscapes.
  • Responsive interface: The interface of DDLY Dynamic Delay reacts to the material on which it’s applied to give unique, real-time visual feedback. As the knobs come to life, the sound gets more compelling.

Keep it clean or make it wild—whichever feels right for you.

DDLY Dynamic Delay is available now at www.izotope.com/ddly and at select retailers.

  • DDLY Dynamic Delay is offered free of charge through March 10th, 2016. Limit one, non-transferrable copy per customer during this period.
  • After March 10th, 2016, DDLY Dynamic Delay will be offered for $49 USD (€49.95 EUR).
Learn more about DDLY Dynamic Delay at www.izotope.com/ddly