Just Die Already Auto-Tune

Ok so basically Auto-tune just made it to Bryan’s “Oh Just Die Already” list. Not only do we have to deal with talentless hacks raping our ears with a robot voice, NOW we have to deal with people who can’t really play guitar, playing sweep arpeggios. Nathan, I swear we’re going to have to go to war together if they make this for mandolin and violin.

DSP-based Suite of Functions Gives Unprecedented Control Over Every Element of
Guitar Performance

Antares Audio Technologies has posted a web preview of their new ATG-6 Auto-Tune
technology for guitar. The current preview provides an overview of the ATG-6 technology and focuses on its revolutionary Solid-Tune(TM)Intonation system. Future updates will focus on additional ATG-6 capabilities.
Incorporating world-renowned Auto-Tune pitch detection and manipulation along with
Antares’ proprietary modeling technologies, ATG-6 is an entirely DSP-based suite of
functions that offer everything guitarists have always wanted from their guitars,
along with capabilities never imagined possible. From flawless intonation to
astonishing tonal flexibility to alternate tunings that open up entirely new areas
of inspiration and creativity, ATG-6 technology seriously expands the flexibility
and range of the electric guitar while letting players continue to leverage their
hard-won traditional technique.

Ok so it doesn’t sound as bad as I thought but that’s what people said about Hitler at first too.
If you want to see this horrifying event, click HERE