Arturia's Dr. Bob Package

I figured I owed it to yall to at lease post something but nothing has really come out that’s sparked my fancy. You see… I hold to my belief that if I don’t find it interesting, then you probably won’t either. So instead of posting what everyone else does, I just weed through the crap. Call this your site that only tailors to the things that don’t suck.
Now I can’t completely vouch for Arturia because I own Analog Laboratory and we all know what I think about that, review HERE, but Moogs are awesome and Arturia does know how to make old synths work in modern environments.

Arturia is proud to pay tribute to the father of electronic music by introducing a limited edition pack in collaboration with – and to the aid of – the Bob Moog Foundation.
Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack includes two of our award-winning software instruments, the Minimoog-V and the Moog Modular-V at a groundbreaking price.
It also offers a unique glimpse into Bob Moog’s life, by including an exclusive book of private archives from the Moog Foundation and a DVD documentary.
Limited Edition Box- USD 299.00 / EURO 249.00
To buy, click HERE