Lexicon PCM Native Total Bundle

If you’ve used the old hardware reverb units at any time in your lifetime, you know Lexicon is a leader in the reverb world. I remember using an old Lexicon LXP 1 with my dads ADAT and Mackie 1604 VLZ (Using that setup was a chore) and even though it was one of the cheaper units, it still beat the crap out of anything in it’s price range.
So now that we don’t really use much in the hardware field for effects, Lexicon has ventured into the plug-in business and I can speak from experience that the plug-ins are great. They sound just as good, if not better than their hardware counterparts.
And we have the Lexicon PCM Native Total Bundle. More than just reverb, this bundle has just about anything you could ask for in the effects world, even god-awful pitch correction. No offense to them, the sound is just getting played out fast and it sickens me. Thanks Antares…

In a move that brings more of HARMAN Lexicon’s classic PCM algorithms to plug-in users, Lexicon announced the introduction of its PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle and the PCM Native Total Bundle. The new software packages bring additional classic and new Lexicon algorithms to native plug-ins that will add a wealth of inspirational new sounds to a user’s DAW that are not available anywhere else.
The PC- and Macintosh®-compatible PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle is designed to work with popular DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic, as well as with any other VST, Audio Unit or RTAS-compatible host.
The PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle incorporates classic Lexicon algorithms including:

  • Dual Delay – Including: slap-back echo, tape echo and much more – all with complete control over delay time, mix, repeat and other parameters.
  • Random Delay – Builds upon the capabilities of Dual Delay with more voices and four LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) that control delay time with both familiar waveforms as well as random values and input levels.
  • Chorus/Flange – The available chorus, flanger and long multivoice delay enable everything from traditional flanger sounds to flangers that play far behind the beat for out-of-this-world effects.
  • Resonant Chords – This unique mode, first introduced in the Lexicon PCM70, allows multiple delay voices to be tuned to resonate on specific notes.
  • Pitch Shift – A multitude of mono and stereo pitch-shifting capabilities are available, from pitch correction in a mix to standout special effects.
  • Multivoice Pitch Shift – This is a multivoice delay algorithm with an independent pitch shifter on each voice. It can function as anything from a voice thickener, to multiple delays that can shift up or down while locked to tempo, to a “Seasick Room” preset that must be heard to be believed.
  • Stringbox – The all-new Stringbox algorithm provides the user with 88 virtual strings resonating according to the audio in. Several tuning and panning options are available, along with a virtual keyboard and randomizer, giving users the ability to create never-before-heard chords, melodies and room sounds.

Ok now I have to admit, ALL of that sounds incredibly tempting, well except the “Seasick Room” preset because I work in the offshore biz and I’ve seen (and smelled) a seasick room and I don’t want that on any of my tracks because frankly you would all die being subject to such an inane spectacle. It smelled like someone threw a bag of old food and bus seats into a tire fire. Gross.
GOOD GRIEF THIS IS EXPENSIVE PLUG-INS… Did waves get a hold of them before they released these?
The Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle is Native only, and requires iLok2 authorization. It will be available May, 2011 and will be offered in three different options.
• PCM Effects $999 US MAP
• PCM Total Bundle $1999 US MAP   (PCM Reverb and PCM Effects)
• PCM Total Bundle Upgrade $599 US MAP (Upgrade for previous owners of PCM Reverb)
For more info, think about that visual of the seasick room and puke on over HERE

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