Massey Adds VST Support

If you own Pro Tools, odds are you have Massey Plugins. Their De Esser is easily one of the best in the business. Now Massey is expanding their potential clients by adding VST support for the TapeHead earlier this year, and now their VT3 EQ as well as our CT5 Compressor is available. And I’m very sure more plugins will be ported over as they’re available.
The CT5 Compressor:
The CT5 provides clean and smooth gain reduction, with a little punch. I designed the CT5 to have both electro-optical and vari-mu characteristics. Users have noted that the CT5 is very good at preserving the “air” of the source material.
The CT5 offers two distinct compression curves for either a more transparent or more aggressive character. The blend knob allows you to mix in the dry signal for “parallel compression” techniques.
The plugin can also accept a sidechain input for customized shaping of the compressor’s response.
Tape Head:

Add a little saturation to your mix. Make your drums fuller & louder. Add some grit to vocals.
The vt3 is a 3-band equalizer with a crisp, unique sound.
Sounds like nothin’ else.
For more information and to buy these stellar plugins, click HERE. I highly recommend buying these for your DAW. He could very easily charge double for these.