Melodyne Extends Trial

First Melodyne gives away a lot of copies of their innovative pitch correction software. Now they’re allowing you to run the software for 30 days with no limitations. They’re also offering training for it as well so now, even the most tone deaf of people can sound like your favorite character on Glee, (GAG.)

Celemony is making entry into the world of Melodyne simpler than ever before: you
can try out the current version of Melodyne editor now for 30 days without any
limitations on its use. Furthermore, a multi-language “First Steps” video tutorial
including a demo arrangement is provided to guide users swiftly to their first
taste of Melodyne success.
The trial version of Melodyne editor allows you to try out all the functions in a
relaxed manner without the exasperating limitations typical of demo versions. For 30
days, you can use the trial version of Melodyne editor in exactly the same way as
the full one: either as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in in the DAW of your
choice, using your own material in an authentic practical context. You can save
projects, open them again, and even exchange them with other Melodyne users.
To register and use the program, all you need is Internet access. Later, you can
purchase the full version from within the trial one, with no further download or
fresh installation being necessary.
Like the full version, the trial version comes with a “First Steps” tutorial that
offers a swift and easy way of getting to know and experiencing your first taste of
success with Melodyne. The tutorial consists of a film about ten minutes long
introducing all the most important functions of Melodyne, from note detection to
navigation and the editing of notes, drawing examples to demonstrate their use from
the supplied audio material. With this material and the ready-prepared arrangements
for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Live and Studio One, users can try out the various
procedures themselves, getting to know and learning to master Melodyne effortlessly
along the way.

You will find the trial version of Melodyne editor in the Download section of the
web site,, or directly HERE