Native Instruments Maschine 2.0

Pro Tools is a great DAW but it can’t do it all and most of us have an understanding that it lacks in sequencing capabilities. So you need something as powerful as Pro Tools to combine with to give you every tool at your disposal. This is where Maschine has filled the gap for me. I’ve used Maschine pretty much since it was released. I still have a Gen 1 controller but now I’m really licking my chops at the new Maschine Studio as well as Maschine 2.0. Native Instruments have taken the governor off of Maschine allowing unlimited effects, side chaining, a new mixer, and a ton of other features. I really truly hope they have added a right click menu in the sequencing window so you can copy and paste notes from one track to another.

Berlin, October 31, 2013 – Native Instruments today released MASCHINE STUDIO and MASCHINE 2.0 – the new flagship groove production studio and next generation of MASCHINE software. MASCHINE STUDIO joins the acclaimed family of MASCHINE products with expanded tactile control and two hi-resolution color displays. Powerful new MASCHINE 2.0 delivers a new mixer page, new audio engine, dynamic drum synth plug-ins, and much more to all three MASCHINE hardware versions. MASCHINE STUDIO is available now at the NI Online Shop and at retailers worldwide. MASCHINE 2.0 is included with MASCHINE STUDIO and all MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO products shipped on or after November 1, 2013. Current MASCHINE 1.8 users can also upgrade to MASCHINE 2.0 for $99 / 99€ / ¥ 9,800.
MASCHINE STUDIO features the same highly-responsive, multi-color backlit pads as MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO, a new Edit Section with jog wheel, and a dedicated Level Section. The unit’s two hi-resolution color displays enable producers to focus on MASCHINE’s tactile workflow with detailed visual feedback of software functions directly on the hardware. When editing, slicing, and composing, the displays show an overview of the full selection on the left screen while the right screen allows for detailed fine-tuning. Projects, groups, sounds, samples, effects, and instruments with KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects product icons are easily browseable directly from the hardware.
MASCHINE STUDIO’s new Edit Section provides dedicated buttons and a jog wheel with LED indicators. The jog wheel allows quick adjustments to volume, tempo, and swing settings, and accelerates browsing and editing. The Level Section provides a convenient volume knob and a multi-purpose meter display for master, group, sound, and cue levels plus monitoring for up to four selectable input sources when a multi-channel audio interface is connected. MASCHINE STUDIO’s dedicated sampler, arranger, mixer, and browser buttons allow fast switching between different stages of production. A highly sturdy, built-in collapsible stand provides the optimal angle for working with MASCHINE STUDIO.
MASCHINE 2.0 delivers powerful new features to MASCHINE STUDIO, and both generations of MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. A tag-based attribute browser makes samples and presets easy to find while the new plug-in strip displays MASCHINE’s internal plug-ins by their individual user interfaces – a faster, more accessible way to select and process sound. A brand-new mixer page provides detailed level adjustment and flexible routing of MASCHINE 2.0’s aux sends, plug-ins, and unlimited groups and insert effects. A new audio engine with multi-core technology adds sidechaining and allows higher instrument, effect, and plug-in counts, faster load times, the latest advancements in professional sound quality, and more.
Also new and exclusive to MASCHINE 2.0 are five drum synth plug-ins capable of a wide range of sounds – from crisp and digital, to warm and analog, featuring accurate acoustic-sounding drums. Delivering a signature sound and a refined level of control, these plug-ins are fully-adjustable and automatable directly from MASCHINE STUDIO’s hardware.
MASCHINE 2.0 comes with an 8+ GB sound library of professional, production-ready sounds and can host any VST or Audio Units plug-in. Also included are full versions of Native Instrument’s acclaimed MASSIVE synthesizer, the unique synthesizer for percussive and mallet sounds PRISM, the powerful compressor SOLID BUS COMP, and the meticulously sampled vintage electric piano SCARBEE MARK I, providing a versatile setup ready for any production task. MASCHINE can be used as a standalone on either MAC or PC systems, but also loads as a VST, Audio Units or AAX plug-in in all major DAWs for seamless integration with existing production environments.

MASCHINE STUDIO is available for purchase at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $999 / 999 € / ¥ 104,800. MASCHINE 2.0 is included with MASCHINE STUDIO and all MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO products shipped on or after November 1, 2013.
Current MASCHINE users can purchase MASCHINE 2.0 on the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / ¥ 9,800. Customers who purchased MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO between October 1, 2013 and November 1, 2013 will receive a free download for MASCHINE 2.0 on November 1, 2013.
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