Neyrinck Updates V-Control

One of the Greatest Apps of 2010 has just been updated and made even better. I’ve posted a review on the program when it was released and can be found HERE. Basically V-Control allows you to control your Pro Tools session via WiFi on the iPad. I’ve actually used this quite a bit in the studio and a few times simply because I was lazy and wanted to watch TV while I was tracking a friend. If you have a set of wireless headphones, you can run a remote session from another room very easily.
Here’s some of the features you get with the update:

The V-Control and V-Control Pro apps for the iPad, have been updated to version 1.1 on the App Store. Version 1.1 is a free update that adds these new features:
Dual surround panner controllers (V-Control Pro only)
Peak-hold and clip metering
Mix/Edit window toggle switch
Please note you will need to update to Ney-Fi 1.1 on your computer for full compatibility. Ney-Fi 1.1 is available at And please note the surround panners must be set it up in the Pro Tools peripherals dialog. See the user’s guide for more information. Also, please note that if your iPad is still using iOS 3.2, you should not update until a maintenance update 1.1.1 is released in a week or two.

For more info, click HERE