Phoenix Audio Nicerizer Jr

There were quite a bit of new releases at AES in regards to summing but most were very out of my price range. SSL has the Matrix 2, API has the Box, but Phoenix were the ones that stripped summing down to its core and then made it even smaller with the Nicerizer Junior. Looks like I’m going to have to consider this one for our in-house summing box. Move over BLA, we’ve got another option!

Phoenix Audio is pleased to announce the Nicerizer Junior summing mixer. This is 16 input and 4 output Class A discrete active summing mixer and amplifier, based on the hugely popular Nicerizer 16 mk2.

This product was designed to offer high quality analogue summing to clients where sonic quality is imperative whilst still being aggressively priced to appeals to lots of customers. The original Nicerizer 16 and Nicerizer 8 summing mixers were release initially in 2003 and Phoenix Audio was one of the first companies to recognize this market and release a product to cater for the demand for analogue summing and tone as a repost to the cold lifeless sound offered by DAW computer systems.
The Nicerizer Junior has 16 inputs containing 16 of our Class A discrete input buffer amps, 4 outputs containing our well renowned DSOP2 Class A discrete output amps and 4 custom wound transformers, each channel has panning with detented/stepped control and an 8db level boost.

Price: TBA
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