Phoenix N8

If one is Nice then 8 should be even Nicer! Phoenix has expanded their Nice DI with an 8 channel rack version of the original box.

The Phoenix N8 is our eight channel version of our ever popular Nice DI with the exact high quality, loved sound that incorporates our Class A discrete input design and our Class A discrete output amp and custom wound transformers that deliver a sweet sounding tone to your favourite instruments.
The N8 was also designed to be compact, rugged and road worthy so making it an excellent companion for live touring, broadcast or for more traditional recording studios where you need excellent direct inputs. The unit features an external 24V PSU with lockable connector so can easily be portable wherever you go.
Its an excellent choice for guitar, bass or keyboards and many, many other instruments and the 10M ohm impedance means that you get the true & accurate sound of your instrument always without any sonic sacrifices.
Features :
8 channels of our famous Class A, discrete, transistor input stage
High Impedance 10 meg ohm inputs for every instrument choice
8 channels of our proven and loved Class A, discrete output with our custom wound output transformer
Individual level stepped pots for output control for each channel with huge gain range
8 x Unbalanced TS Input jacks inputs
8 x Unbalanced TS through jacks inputs
8 x Balanced main outputs on D-sub (Tascam DA88 wired)
8 x Balanced monitor outputs on D-sub (Tascam DA88 wired)
Pad on every channel (15db) with illuminated switch
Phase reverse on every channel with illuminated switch
Earth ground lift on every channel with illuminated switch
1U chassis rack space
External 24v PSU with lockable connector
Huge headroom available on all channels.

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