Puremix Gearfest Mixing Contest

You like free things right? You like mixing right? You think you’re better than everyone else at mixing right? Perfect! Now you can prove that to all of your family and friends who complain about you being hunched over your keyboard at all hours that it was allllll worth it. You can even show them your shiny new trophy. Did I mention that trophy is in the form of possibly a pair of Focal Monitors? So head on over to the site at the bottom and sign up. It’s free and who knows, maybe if you’re good enough, Fab Dupont will invite you to his birthday party. (disclaimer: that almost definitely won’t happen) It’s good to dream though. Oh and while you’re at it, go buy a subscription to PureMix. I personally bought one and use it on a daily basis for training and medicinal purposes. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Welcome to the biggest mixing contest of all times (that we know of)!
The 16 ‘best mix’ winners will be awarded prizes, in order of merit, from the fantastic below list. Isn’t that wonderful?
The competition starts April 16th 2013, the deadline for mix submissions being June 1st 2013. All entries will be listened to by the pureMix.net team and the 16 winners will be picked by Fab Dupont on a basis of mixing skills, tone crafting, use of space, taste and creativity. All winners will be announced on stage at Sweetwater’s GearFest 2013 on June 21st, on this page and via email.
Register here to get access to the stems, contest instructions and a free video of the recording session of the song.
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For more info and to throw down the gauntlet, visit

To hone your craft and become a better all around human being, go to www.PureMix.net and sign up to watch a few free videos, and maybe go buy a subscription and tell them Everything Recording sent you.