Slate Digital Repeater Brings Vintage Delays

You can never get enough delays and Slate and D16 is back again for the 4th release this week with Repeater, a vintage modeled delay unit that can emulate countless delays.

My friend Jay Baumgardner started collecting vintage delays and was raving about how cool the tones are and how much more creative he could get in his mixes when using them. Well, Jay is one of the best audio engineers in the world and certainly knows what he’s doing, so I figured I’d investigate. Fast forward a few weeks and my studio was filled with vintage delays from old Echoplexes and Memory Man to classic 80’s units. I was shocked about how beautifully unique each delay was, and how much character I could add to tracks using the right pairing of vintage delay. It was also so much fun!
So we teamed up with our friends at D16 and made the ultimate vintage delay modeled plugin called RePeater! RePeater models over a dozen vintage, modern, and tape delays! We recreated the real tone of early digital delays including the exact characteristics made in part by their unique low bit depth, sample rate, frequency response, and of course… distortion! There are so many incredible preset delay sounds that just switching through them will get your creative juices flowing. We even have a preset for a 1940’s tape deck that sounds good at 100% wet as a straight up insert effect! We also have classic widening effects that sound fantastic on stereo guitars or as a vocal fattener! From Levee breaks style drum echo to the most rich and thick vocal delays, you’re going to love this thing! And the GUI is so easy to use, because you have complete control of both delay lines without having to go to a sub menu. This one is also due out this summer!!

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