The Complete Pro Tools Shorcuts

Nowadays Cmd+X,C,V,Z just aren’t enough. You gotta know then other great shortcuts like cmd+a, Shift,cmd,N, and most importantly for the mac Command+Q, and for windows alt+F4.
I’m gonna wait a few minutes for all of the people who fell for that shortcut to get back after closing out their screen,
They didn’t come back? Oh well, if you can’t take a joke, you might not wanna be here.
This book is essential to the new and old Pro Tools users. I’ve been using Pro Tools now for about 10 years now and I’ve still barely scratched the surface. The great thing about Pro Tools is they’ve found out the perfect formula to allow newcomers to instantly record while also giving the seasoned vet the exact same interface but with all of the features as well.

Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more, has published The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts ($29.99) by Jose Chilitos Valenzuela. This second edition is newly revised and expanded with over 400 shortcuts for the latest versions of Pro Tools HD and LE.
The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts is an indispensable guide that provides a complete list of shortcuts to help readers get the most out of Avid’s industry-leading digital-audio software in the fastest possible way. Each shortcut shows the key combinations needed to complete a given task and in what context the command is available, as well as other important features.
Since key command shortcuts exist to speed workflow, The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts is designed to help readers find and use shortcuts quickly and easily. Readers can find shortcuts for specific tasks contained in a detailed table of contents divided into more than 60 sections, each pertaining to a section or workflow within Pro Tools. From there, each shortcut contains key commands for Mac and PC, multiple screen shots to help navigate the software, and notes and descriptions to help execute the shortcut task.
In addition to the latest keyboard commands, The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts is packed with valuable tips culled from the author’s many years as a Pro Tools producer and instructor, making it a must-have aide for any Pro Tools-based studio.

The book is $29.99 and can be found HERE