Tracktion T6

I’ve been learning Tracktion T5 now for several months and am very impressed with the DAW. For the price there isn’t another DAW with this much power and features. Now with T6, you get loaded with all new features; so much that each new license comes with a T5 license to allow for easy transition. I can’t wait to see all the new upgrades.

Tracktion 6 (T6), the latest version of our highly acclaimed, single-screen digital audio workstation, has arrived. Packing major improvements to the interface, automation, comp grouping, editing, time management and much more. A typical left-to-right T6 edit screen displaying inputs, wave forms, MIDI notes, automation, plug-in effects and a mixer.
The Tip of the Iceberg
There are a lot of new features in T6 but these are just the beginning… To speed up the development process, reduce the incidence of early bugs and keep your creative juices flowing, we’ll be continually introducing new T6 features throughout the year. As such, each T6 license will also include a T5 license, for those who might want to begin with the current version and change to T6 later.
Upgrade to T6 Today
For T6, we’ve added most of the features previously requested by Tracktion users as well as several new ideas. Click here to purchase a dual T5/T6 license. $30 upgrade or $60 initial purchase. Free upgrades to anyone who has purchased T5 since January 1, 2015. COMPATIBILITY NOTE: T1 through T5 edits are forward compatible with T6 but, T6 edits are not backward compatible to earlier versions. This is because of significant changes and improvements to the underlying T6 code.
Includes Melodyne Essential
As with the addition to T5 last fall, all new Tracktion licenses will include Melodyne Essential, the world’s leading time and pitch editor, free of charge (a $99 value). Like Tracktion, the Melodyne interface is simple, intuitive and musical to use. However, working closely with Celemony, Melodyne’s parent company, we’ve integrated their Audio Random Access (ARA) capability into T5/T6to take this a step further. With ARA, the Melodyne plug-in behaves as part of the Tracktionplatform, allowing the exchange of information about the audio file, tempo, pitch, rhythm and much more.
MARKETPLACE enables the download of information, software, plug-ins, sounds, instruments as well as other goods and services without ever leaving the Tracktionapplication. That’s right! While working in Tracktion 5 or 6, you can quickly and easily discover, audition, purchase and download new musical assets from a wide variety of vendors, without interrupting your creative flow. This capability has never before been available in a professional audio application. It will greatly improve your access to a wider palette of sounds and ideas. Products like our own Master Mix plug-in (above, right), and much more, are available through the MARKETPLACE tab.

Price: $60.00 Initial Purchase / $30.00 Upgrade
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