U-he Presswerk Beta

I’m extremely excited to see this. U-he makes some incredible unique plugins, (see Satin Review HERE) and they’re back with a public beta of Presswerk. What I like initially about this dynamics plugin is they’ve made it their own right off the bat. They’re not touting some emulation of history’s greats but are pacing the way with an innovative new plugin that can do what the oldies do too. They are offering a free beta that will last you long enough to probably want to buy when it comes out. Link below.

Presswerk in beta
Welcome Presswerk, our brand new dynamics processor plugin. Presswerk has now entered the ‘public beta’ phase – you are invited to download, test and help us get it ready for final release. No crackles – the only demo restriction is that it will eventually expire!
The concept? We didn’t want to emulate specific classic compressors – though Presswerk can do that. We wanted to make a compressor that gives you control over every aspect of audio dynamics, with the flexibility, looks and sound quality you can expect from u-he.
Before you study the included user guide, here’s a preview of the features:
Features preview:
Selectable detection topology (feed-forward, feed-back, signal-interactive). Be surgical, musical, or both at the same time.
Pre or post dynamic saturation, ‘warmth’ control for impressive emulations of nonlinear gain-control devices.
DPR (Dual Phase Rotation) mode recreates the phase response and transient behaviour of classic outboard gear.
More information about the beta and download links are available at our KVR forum:

To download, visit HERE