1 on 1 Mixing Offers New Service – Mix Consulting Lite

1 on 1 Mixing

Our good friend Nathan Daniel of 1 on 1 Mixing has a new brand new service I think a LOT of you are going to want to use. You may listen to him regularly on UBKHappyFuntimeHour Podcast and have seen our review of his Mix Consultation.

I’ve actually used the Mix Training and it completely changed how I approach mixing all together. With video conferencing; a high-quality audio stream, and screen share, it’s just like sitting in the same room as a pro engineer getting some valuable tips and feedback on your mix

Mix Consulting *Lite*

Get Valuable Mix Feedback

  • You send me your Stereo Mix Wav file so I can hear your mix and analyze it against the reference tracks you’ve provided.

  • Then via video conferencing, screenshare and a realtime high quality audio stream, I suggest ways to improve your mix (from plugin tips and tricks to automation to workflow improvements).

  • This is like a mix critique….but much better!

Price: $74

For more information, visit https://www.1on1mixing.com/