Accusonus ERA Voice Leveler

We’re loving the accusonus ERA Bundle. These easy-to-use but powerful tools provide the answers to many nagging problems in audio. Now they’re back with a new addition that tackles vocals with ease.

“Alright, so what does this ERA Voice Leveler do?”

The ERA Voice Lelever uses new patent-pending algorithms to automatically detect distracting level differences in voice recordings and correct them in real-time with the turn of a simple dial. Using the single-knob ERA Voice Leveler, you can save yourself from hours of manual gain adjustments, without leaving your DAW or NLE environment.

“Who’s it for and what are the most common use cases?”

The ERA Voice Leveler is a necessary tool for content creators such as videographers and podcasters, but also musicians and recording engineers.

You can use the Voice Leveler to fix vocal and dialogue volume problems resulting from:

  • Speaker movements that result in unintentional mic distance changes

  • Single-microphone recordings of two or more speakers (e.g. interviews, lectures, etc)

  • Sudden gain changes due to audio/video edits and re-arrangements in post production

  • Time-varying voice-over or vocal performances

“And why should I choose this over other options?”

Because it’s not only ridiculously easy to use but also incredibly effective.

We’ve condensed the complexity of the underlying algorithmic structures into a single knob!

It also features a “Tight” mode that provides a more focused “radio” sound that stands out from background music (e.g. audio and video ads, podcasts, vlogs, etc). The unique “Emphasis” mode automatically detects problems in tonal balance of voice recordings (for example when a speaker is not directly facing the microphone or has moved significantly from the mic between takes/scenes) and applies subtle processing to correct them and ensure consistent tone and intelligibility.


“Sounds good but can I see it in action?

Sure! Here you go:

ERA Voice Leveler


“Where can I find the product installers?”




“And how much does it cost?”

The ERA Voice Leveler costs $59 on its own. But it will be also part of both the ERA Bundle Standard and the ERA Bundle Pro. For more info please look at the table below;


ERA Voice Leveler

AU, VST, AAX 64-bit Mac & VST, AAX 64-bit Win


ERA Bundle Standard (Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, De-Esser, Plosive Remover)

AU, VST, AAX 64-bit Mac & VST, AAX 64-bit Win

Intro price: $119 (Reg: $354) -until October 31st-

ERA Bundle Pro (Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, De-Esser, Plosive Remover, ERA-D)

AU, VST, AAX 64-bit Mac & VST, AAX 64-bit Win

Intro price: $349 (Reg: $653) -until October 31st-