Auralex Free RLX Online App

I’ve got some Auralex in Everything Recording’s test studio and for the most part it works great. Around the time that I was building this room, an app like this would’ve been very useful. Auralex has designed the Room Layout Express app to suggest treatments based on your room’s dimensions and uses. After you’ve entered your applications and dimensions of your room, Auralex will email you a list of all of the types of treatment for your room as well as how to apply them to your space. Brilliant! It’s like having your own acoustician for free on PC/Mac or Mobile device.
Indianapolis, IN, October 14, 2015 – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, is pleased to announce their new free RLX™ Room Layout eXpress™ online app, designed to give instantaneous recommendations for acoustical treatment solutions for many different room types. 
The app is both easy to use and returns immediate results. To begin, simply select your “Room Type” [Audiophile, Broadcast, Control Room, Home Theater, Live Room, Mastering Room, Project Studio, Rehearsal Space, Video Editing Suite, Vocal Booth, Conference Room or Other]. If your room fits more than one “type,” select the one that best fits your situation. You can also use the “Edit Room” function to view multiple results for the same dimensions previously entered. The kit recommendations are based on both the type of room selected and the suggested amount of necessary acoustical treatment required based on your specific square footage. Recommendations are made from our comprehensive line of Absorption, Bass Trapping and Diffusion products. Once the user supplies the necessary information, the app will return up to three different suggestions from our popular Studiofoam®, SonoLite™, and ProPanel™ designs. 
You are also able to input information on various types of equipment and gear used in your room. The app will use this information to provide suggestions on applicable Auralex ISO-Series™ products that help to isolate your instruments and gear from the surfaces upon which they rest. Decoupling your instruments and gear can reduce sound transmission and resonance that occurs when resting on a hard surface, which in turn decreases unwanted coloration and increases clarity. 
Once the recommendations are identified, you are able to purchase the specified Auralex solutions from an Authorized Online Dealer listing, or you may enter your zip code to receive the contact information of the nearest Authorized Auralex Dealers. You can also receive a permanent copy of your room results along with more detailed information, by simply using the form at the bottom of the app to have them emailed to you. 
The new RLX app is designed to provide customers immediate suggestions for effective sound control solutions for many room types. Auralex will continue to offer its highly acclaimed Free Personalized Room Analysis™ service. Customers simply fill out a form (online or downloadable) with details about their project and provide diagrams with room dimensions. This information is then used to render an acoustical model of the space and to determine the most effective acoustical treatment plan for the specific room and application. 
The Room Layout eXpress can be found at