Elysia Gives Us Presets!!!

Remember THIS review? Yea, I hope you own this plug-in by now. If not, GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. These guys have seriously reinvented mastering compressors on top of making them useful for single tracks as well. Now they’ve made life even easier by giving us some of their tailored presets.
We have received quite some requests for presets ever since we have started to release our products as plugins. While discussing this at the Musikmesse 2011, sound designer and early elysia adopter Denis Goekdag kindly offered his support.

Denis started straight away and created ten presets for each of the four elysia plugins currently available. On top of this, we have added the suggested settings from the alpha compressor and mpressor manuals.
Of course these presets can only be starting points for your own explorations. Please keep in mind that especially the threshold and ratio values have to be adapted to your specific audio material…

To download the presets, click HERE. I already have and they’re really helpful starting points.