FXPansion Comes Out With New Stuff

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I didn’t have a proper pic for FXPansion because their press releases don’t have any so I’ve inserted this clever gif. Anyways… Look at what FXPansion has released!!

FXpansion is proud to present Himalaya: Modernity, a DCAM: Synth Squad preset pack created by acclaimed sound designer Electric Himalaya. Modernity is the modern dance-oriented counterpart to Antiquity, Himalaya’s comprehensive set of vintage analogue-style presets.
Modernity Highlights:
280 stunning electronic/dance sounds for DCAM: Synth Squad Fusor
Searing basses, leads and special FX
Churning, modulated dubstep basses
Expressive polysynth patches and pads
Diverse arps, textures, plucks, chords & stabs.

Also we have this as well!

FXpansion is proud to present JM Essentials Vol.1, a BFD Groove Pack produced by vastly experienced composer Jacques Mathias. JM Essentials Vol.1 contains varied, expressive patterns that cover genres such as rock, hard rock, alt-rock, heavy metal, trash metal and pop-punk. Authentic and very musical, the Grooves are bursting with the human feel of a real drummer.
50 Groove and Fill variations in each palette
Over 1300 patterns in total
Stunningly realistic rock, metal and pop-punk Grooves
Palettes supplied in BFD2 and BFD Eco versions

Himalaya: Modernity is GBP £25.00, Euro €29.00, USD $39.00 and is available now from the FXpansion Webshop
For more information, full preset listing & audio examples, please visit the Himalaya: Modernity pages at our web site.
JM Essentials Vol.1 is GBP £25.00, Euro €29.00, USD $39.00 and is available now from the FXpansion Webshop
For more info, click HERE