Song Surgeon 3.0

My friend has a friend named Jerome and dude shreds hard core 80’s hair band style… I’m talking fast sweep arpeggios and stuff like that. Plus his hat offends people (he claims) but what if we wanted to learn some of his tasty licks, like THIS one (See 2:50 mark and SWEET Pics and Check out that authentic tape recorder quality.) Its just too fast for the normal talentless non offensive hat wearing public to decipher. Well Song Surgeon has you covered (if you record with a PC.. hahahaha good luck with that, but a Mac version is in development.) With the new version 3.0, you can either pick between changing the pitch if it offends you, or the tempo if its just too fast for your puny fingers. If you’re really uptight, you can change both at the same time, AND it doesn’t chop the audio up and do that stupid repeated sounding slow motion crap. It doesn’t even flange that much when you slow it down a ton.

Song Surgeon (version 3.0) represents the very best in tempo and pitch change software. Song Surgeon provides unsurpassed sound quality reproduction, even with very extreme changes. And of course, pitch and tempo can be changed independently of each other. In fact the sound quality from pitch and tempo changes is so important to us that we have incorporated two algorithims – one for practice and one for performance – to maximize quality and give you almost perfect audio fidelity. Click Here to listen to some audio examples.
With the release of Version 3 (Windows only) you will also see for the first time a PRO Version. The Standard Version is essentially a continuation of the old Version– but of course with the new sound engine and a bunch of other improvements. The PRO version features many new features and fucntions not found in the Standard Version. You can go here to see a comparison table between the two versions.
What you may be most surprised about though, is that tempo and pitch change only begin to scratch the surface of what Song Surgeon does. Song Surgeon is jam-packed with a host of other features that make it enormously useful to a wide variety of users. A brief overview of some of these additional features follows.

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